At Pressborg we work on building and improving the presentation of your business, be it online or offline. Please find the services we provide below.

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Web Design

Most of the first encounters a potential customer has with your business start online.  It’s therefore that in order to make that first unforgettable  impression, a great looking and user-friendly website is essential.

At Pressborg we work on creating online solutions that help you realize your business goals. Not sure what exactly are your business goals? We are happy to guide you through different opportunities that provide true value to you and your customers.

Pressborg Web Design

Print Design

After an important client meeting, you don’t want to leave anybody empty-handed. Business cards and brochures are an effective way to visualize your business proposition. People simply tend to remember more when they see it.

We gladly design your print materials that will leave a professional impression. Among many other possibilities of print design, we offer design of business cards, letter templates, envelopes and brochures.

Logo Design

Every corporate identity starts with a logo. Your logo is the heart of your brand and helps people to recognize your company. Your logo’s style and color determine how your client perceives your unique brand message.

In case you’re looking for design or redesign of your company logo, you can trust Pressborg to do the job professionally. We offer a variety of styles that breathe simplicity and modern design.

Pressborg Web Design